Workshops: Sports Shooter Academy

Gestern wieder mit meiner Arbeitsgruppe „Analoge Photographie“ zusammen gesessen und eins der Themen waren Workshops und Seminare zur Photographie. Dafür habe ich eine neue Link-Kategorie angelegt: „Workshops/Seminare“. Hier stelle ich die Seite der „Sports Shooter Academy“ in Amerika vor, auf der auch die Entstehung normaler Portraits (z.B.: Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio portrait at the Beverly Hill Hotel bar Nineteen 12, mit Skizze zum Lichtaufbau) erklärt wird. Sponsor dieser Academy ist Nikon.

What is The Academy?

The Sports Shooter Academy is a hands-on, shooting workshop where participants have the opportunity to cover real sports event under the guidance of a faculty of award-winning photojournalists.

Participants cover up to 3 sports events a day, challenging themselves to go beyond the “usual” sports coverage, looking for unique angles, provocative details and storytelling images that go beyond the standard “peak action”.

NCAA Division I sports are an important part of The Academy schedule, which also includes local professional and amateur sports like horse racing at historic Santa Anita Park, AVP beach volleyball, Olympic-style cycling and boxing.

Each night participants review and receive critiques of their work with the faculty, editing and selecting their best work to be displayed during the daily slideshows. All of this is done under deadline conditions.

The goal of this workshop — and its motto is — “See Better. Shoot Better.”

That’s Sports Shooter Academy…

Robert Hanashiro is the founder of Sport Shooter, which started 12 years ago as a simple email newsletter sent to about a dozen of his friends and colleagues. It has now grown into a monthly circulation of over 7,500 and has spawned the popular website and several educational workshops including the Sports Shooter Academy.